Dansac InVent Convex Drainable Pouch with Filter - Clear

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Product Description

Convex pouches are designed for stomas that are difficult to manage and that tend to suffer from leakage, and as recommended by stoma care professionals. The convexity is designed to reduce the risk of leakage in connection with e.g. a retracted stoma, a flush stoma or unevenness of the skin around the stoma. Dansac InVent Convex is a drainable pouch with a built-in filter, especially designed for people with ileostomies. The filter is made of 100% active carbon and is shielded from liquid by multiple layers of film. A teflon membrane prevents leakage through the filter. The opaque pouch is covered by non-woven polyester fabric on both sides, while the clear pouch has fabric on the skin side only. The modern Dansac EMA carrier is very smooth, easy to clean as well as water repellent and makes for a very flexible and skin friendly skin barrier.
Pouch Size: 10 ½” long (useable 8”) x 5 ¾” (265 x 145 mm), capacity 650 ml
Barrier: 4” x 4” (100 x 100 mm), accommodating stomas from 5/8” to 1 3/4” (15 – 45 mm)
30 pouches and 1 clamp per box.
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